Mitre Super Glue Kit

Superglue Mitre set 2pieces

Art.-no. 0893900090

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Mitre Super Glue Kit

Art.-no. 0893900090

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Two part rapid setting adhesive for instant wood joints.

Cost effective as each kit contains approximately enough glue for 100 mitre joints

  • 1 x 50g glue

  • 1 x200ml activator

The above application instructions are recommendations given on the basis of our own tests and experience. We recommend that you carry out your own tests before use. Due to the great variety of different applications and storage and processing conditions, we cannot guarantee a particular application result. We will not accept legal liability for any advice or technical information provided by our customer hotline unless this advisory service and/or technical information is part of the contractually agreed performance owed by us, or the customer service employee acted wilfully or intentionally. We guarantee the consistent quality of our products and reserve the right to make technical changes and improvements.

Product information

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Safety data sheet 1  |  2


Application areaFor bonding wood mitre joints

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