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Hand Held Lamp, Battery Hood Hawk

Battery-powered LED hand-held lamp Hood Hawk
Art.-no.: 0827941000
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Product information:
1000 Lumens, 550 Lumen on low setting. Up to 6 hour run time. Tough and durable ABS construction. Rotates on 2 axis for easy positioning. Protective rubber clamps protect panel surfaces.
Revolutionary COB LED lamp that can be clipped virtually anywhere and can also be pistol mounted for hand held use
Notice(Do not clamp to hot surfaces)
Can be used virtually anywhere, under bonnet, under vehicle, wheel well, in vehicle and other areas where the light can be secured for hand free working.
InstructionsTo attach the light to the clamp or the pistol grip slide the plastic tab on the underside of the light into the grove until the lamp is fulled seated. To remove the lamp from the base depress the lock release and slide the light out of the groove. To change power setting press the power switch one for high setting, (1000 Lumen) and once more for the low setting (550 Lumen) and a final time to turn it off.
Technical information

Luminous flux

1000 lm

Luminous period

6 h

Charging time

6.5 h

IP protection class

IP 51

Nominal voltage

3.7 V

Rechargeable battery/battery capacity

4400 mAh

Length x width x height

130 x 125 x 220 mm

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