Particle board screw Wüpofast ® 2.0

WÜPOFAST 2.0 yellow zn-plated steel PT CS Z

Art.-no. 0988008842

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Particle board screw Wüpofast ® 2.0

Art.-no. 0988008842

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Yellow galvanised steel, partial thread, self-countersinking head, PZ drive

The screw that bites

Countersunk milling head

  • 2 processes in one: screwing-in and countersinking

  • Suitable for use on wood and hardware

  • Prevents surfaces from cracking, splitting or breaking up

  • Even screws into hardware without damaging the coating

Reamer (measurements 5 x 70 mm)

  • Reduces friction during screw-in by 40%

  • Less stress on electrical tools (longer service life)

Fine pitch/coarse pitch thread

  • Fine pitch thread on small screws for better grip on particle board

  • Coarse pitch thread for faster screw-in

Reamer incorporated in the thread

  • Less effort required during screw-in thanks to the reduction in friction

  • Reduces cracking

Needle tip

  • Allows optimal contact without slipping

  • The thread reaches right to the end of the tip

  • Does not damage the surface

PZD drive

  • The most popular drive on the market

  • Good insertion/centring

  • Good adhesion

  • Improved drive precision