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Slotted See-Through Disc

See-through flap disc

Art.-no.: 0578811540

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Slotted See-Through Disc

Art.-no.: 0578811540

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Product information

Wurth Catalogue(X)

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Good view "through the disc" and therefore of the material being processed. Fantastically cool and even grinding results. Ideal for processing thin metal sheets.

Clear view of the workpiece being processed

  • Prevents undesired excessive grinding.

  • Reduction of processing faults.

Better surface quality as a result of more targeted work

Cool grinding due to fan effect

Reduction of temperature on the surface prevents undesired blue colouring of the workpiece.

Good, steady guidance


When only wood or plastics are ground, the disc must be cleaned by grinding on a sharp-edged iron tool.

Application area

General steel construction

  • Welding seam preparation and post-processing

  • Derusting

  • Removal of scale (in small quantities)

  • Grinding of wrought ironwork (grills, railings, banisters handrails)

  • Removal of excess zinc on weld seams before plastic coating

Stainless steel processing

  • Pipeline construction, tank and container construction

  • Apparatus construction (chemical industry)

  • Plant construction, e.g. brewing and food industry

  • Boat building

Aluminium processing (all non-ferrous metals)

  • Special vehicles, such as silo vehicles, ambulances, fire engines etc.

  • Ship-building

  • Aircraft construction

Agricultural machinery

Sharpening of blades (lawn mowers, reciprocating finger bar mowers)

Body construction

  • Accident repairs: Paints and filler compounds, MIG solder seams

  • Special vehicle construction (lorry attachments, servicing, wearing parts for bulk material transporters)

Wood and FRP processing

Precise surfaces or edge corrections.


115 mm

Drill hole

22.23 mm

Grid size




Material of the carrier disc

Glass fabric

Max. rotation speed

13300 U/min(rpm)

Material of abrasive medium

Zirconium conrundum

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