super RTV silicone Basic

Adhesive and seal. comp. Super RTV silicone basic

Art.-no. 089332110

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super RTV silicone Basic

Art.-no. 089332110

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High-quality adhesive and sealing compound for use in the automotive sector.

Excellent resistance to chemicals

  • Can also be used in critical areas in which the seal comes into contact with various liquids

  • Outstanding resistance to engine oil and transmission oil, refrigerant and anti-freeze agent

Non-acidic hardening system

  • Non-corrosive, therefore has no negative impact on electronic components and on lambda probes

Product information

Würth Catalogue(X)


Safety data sheet 1


Application area

Typical applications:

Intake systems / water pumps / oil pumps / oil sumps / camshaft bearing covers / thermostat housings / front covers / gearbox covers / drive axle covers / sunroofs / doors.


Optimum adhesion to dry, clean and dust-free surfaces. The old sealant must be removed in full from the surface.




200 ml

Chemical basis

Neutral crosslinked silicones, oxime-based



Min./max. temperature resistance

-60 to 260 °C

Max. short-term temperature resistance

315 °C

Range of applications

Front cover
Transmission cover
Camshaft bearing cover
Oil pumps
Oil pans
Thermostat housing
Water pumps


1.04 g/cm³

Min. skin-formation time

5 min

Conditions for skin-formation time

in accordance with ASTM D-4678

Full curing speed

2 mm/d

Fully hardening/curing conditions

23°C and 50% relative humidity

Shore A hardness


Min. tensile strength

2.2 N/mm²

Conditions for tensile strength

in accordance with ASTM D-412

Max. breaking elongation/conditions

300 % / in accordance with ASTM D-412

Heat conductance λ

0.2 J/(m*s*K)

Heat conductance λ conditions

in accordance with ASTM D-2214/70

Coefficient of thermal expansion

0.0002 1/K

Coefficient of thermal expansion conditions

in accordance with ASTM EB-31

Dielectric strength

16 kV/mm

Dielectric strength conditions

in accordance with ASTM D-149

Relative permittivity


Conditions for relative permittivity

1 MHz, ASTM D-150

Loss factor


Loss factor conditions

1 MHz, ASTM D-150

Specific volume resistivity

1000000000000000 Ohm/cm

Conditions for specific volume resistivity

in accordance with ASTM D-257