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Formulated to neutralize the adhesive from labels and stickers, label remover is a product that allows them to be easily removed, removing residue and without altering the surfaces beneath. Würth’s label remover offers you a safe product for professional and industrial use to remove labels without using aggressive products such as solvents or chemical cleaning aerosol sprays.


Würth's professional quality label remover is a special solvent which acts effectively on:

glue residue which may come from self-adhesive labels, adhesive tapes, stubborn dirt, grease or oil stains, which are difficult to recover with water, traces of markers.

Respectful of materials such as aluminium, glass or even brass, they require some precautions when used on rubber, plastic or painted parts. Designed to be easy to use and practical, they guarantee efficient and safe use with proper precautions.

For cleaning and maintaining fragile surfaces, it is recommended to follow the advice for professionals listed on the product. Improper use of a label remover may alter the quality of your material.


When choosing your Würth remover, Würth offers you the choice of:

the chemical basis of your label remover: your cleaning product may indeed be based on a special gasoline with d-limonene or based on an aliphatic hydrocarbon. This type of cleaner, very effective in removing all types of labels, is also an effective degreaser combined with water
its viscosity / consistency: Würth products are available in gel or liquid (aerosol spray)
its density: which may be 0.73 g / cm3, 0.74 g / cm3 or 0.77 g / cm3
its minimum flash point: - 24 ° C, 10 or 21 ° C
odour: citrus scented or characteristic of the product

If you need to peel off any type of labels, Würth can offer you different types of cleaner, all of which can be adapted to your cleaning surface. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of our experts who can provide you with both details and information on our products: safety, manufacturer, delivery, maintenance, etc.

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