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ORSY® Assortments

Keep organised with our ORSY® Assortments!

Shop for pre-packed assortments of essential components for all trades including nails, screws, washers and other fasteners, rubber o-rings, other sealing elements and more. Also discover our range of hand tool assortments for vehicular repairs and more. Easily store, transport and protect equipment with the System Case.

Explore our ORSY® Assortments of tools and components below.

The System Case

ORSY® System Cases feature an award-winning design. Made from ABS Plastic, cases are extremely durable yet lightweight. These cases are scratch, impact and chemical resistant to ensure your equipment is protected at all times.

Component System Cases use a grid system which securely arranges small parts as desired, and lids feature a grid to match the inserts to prevent small parts from being displaced, even when the case is inverted. Cases can be stacked and connected to easily transport equipment.

Tool System Cases contain a foam or plastic insert moulded to the contents to secure and protect it from impacts.