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Cleaning Essentials!

2Ply Blue Paper Roll

Art. N° 0899900401
Fits all common dispensers
  • Highly absorbent and tear-proof
  • Different ply and widths
  • Virtually lint-free and food safe

Luxury Hand Soap

Art. N° 0890600510
Rich deep cleansing lather
  • Suitable for use through wall mounted dispenser units
  • Mild enough for general use but with extra cleaning support for grease and grime removal

Dustpan and Brush Set

Art. N° 0695943795
A professional quality dustpan and brush set, made from tough, hardwearing plastic.

Rubber Broom

Art. N° 0695943975
Broom V7 with silicone bristles
  • V-shaped rubber bristles
  • Retains dust (owing to static charge)
  • Adjustable telescopic handle & Integrated rubber floor squeegee

Toilet Cleaner and Descaler

Art. N° 0893117002
Removes limescale and organic deposits
  • We guarantee the consistent quality of our products and reserve the right to make technical changes and improvements.

Paper Towel Roll

Art. N° 0899891753
2 ply centre feed
  • White and perforated
  • Industrial cleaning paper
  • 150mm x 230mm
  • 150 Meters of cleaning paper

Air Freshner Power Blast

Art. N° 0893139208
Air Freshener is suited for comfort of the nose, and masks odours with outstanding effeciency
  • Product has content size of 750ml to ensure a long lasting usage
  • Has a shelf life of 24 months post-production
  • Perfect for removing odour and unwanted smells

Microfibre Cloth Basic

Art. N° 0899900050
Microactive cloth ideal for vehicle valeting and maintenance
  • Outstanding cleaning power
  • Cleans without the use of cleaning agents
  • Machine washable up to 60°C

Cleaning Sponge

Art. N° 0899700411
Yellow & Green Cleaning Sponge
  • Length x width x height: 15 x 7 x 6 cm
  • Compression force deflection: 0 bar

Cleaning Bucket

Art. N° 0824010075
Plastic bucket with sponge basket and measuring gauge for automotive workshops and the service area of filling stations.
  • Embossed fill level gauge
  • Chemical resistance to acids and alkalis

Car Sponge

Art. N° 0899700400
For cleaning cars and commercial vehicles
  • Cell structure with different pore sizes and shapes
  • Non-scratch
  • Permanently elastic

Safety Essentials!

Blue Nitrile Gloves

Art. N° 0899470015/016/017.
Liquid-proof, food-safe disposable glove
  • Powder-free
  • Silicone-free manufacturing process
  • In practical disposable dispenser

Black Nitrile Gloves

Art. N° 0899470870/71/72
Liquid-tight disposable nitrile glove
  • Tested as food-safe
  • Silicone-free manufacturing process
  • Free from allergenic latex proteins & Powder Free

Yellow High Visibility Vest

Art. N° 9501008288/89/90/91/92.
Yellow High Visibility Vest
  • Hook and loop fastening
  • 2 body bands & 2 braces
  • EN ISO 20471 Class 2 high visibility

First Aid Case Small

Art. N° 0899520168
Small Green First Aid Case
  • Low risk: 1 kit per 1-25 employees
  • High risk: 1 kit per 1-5 employees


Art. N° 0899110525
Complete protection and comfortable to wear thanks to special, soft filter materials
  • Minimal breathing resistance
  • Exhalation valve ensures the user feels comfortable wearing the mask
  • Use together with Würth safety goggles for optimum protection


Art. N° 0899110505
Complete protection and comfortable to wear thanks to special, soft filter materials
  • Minimal breathing resistance
  • Exhalation valve ensures the user feels comfortable wearing the mask
  • Use together with Würth safety goggles for optimum protection

Accessories Essentials!

Pocket tape measure metric/inch

Art. N° 071464 575
Tape measure with millimetre and inch graduation.
  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant
  • An end stop cushions the steel tape when rolled in
  • Automatic tape stop after pulling out the tape

Safety knife S1 with 2C handle

Art. N° 071566 013
Fast and easy blade change
  • Magnetic holder means no tools are required for blade changes.
  • Sits securely and comfortably in the hand
  • Ergonomic, non-slip 2-component handle

Magnetic small spirit level

Art. N° 0714644505
Professional small spirit level with two magnetic surfaces
  • One level for horizontal and vertical measurement
  • Excellent readability and long service life
  • Level block made from acrylic glass with inlaid, corrosion-free reading rings

Cable tie with plastic latch

Art. N° 05021..
Reliable cable tie for quickly organising and bundling cables and wires
  • High industrial quality for a long, reliable service life for indoor and outdoor work, depending on the version
  • Internal toothing on the tie for a secure grip on bundled cables
  • Natural versions are only suitable for indoor use, but black versions are also suitable for outdoor use due to their UV and weather resistance

Masking Tape

Art. N° 09920650..
General masking tasks in the vehicle and painting fields, for example, on painted metal, glass, chrome parts and rubber.
  • The tape is also suited for painting tasks that require oven drying.
  • For masking all smooth surfaces found in the construction and automotive sectors
  • The tape can be removed again immediately after painting, and leaves no residue.

Industrial Bin Bags

Art. N° 0899800566
State-of-the-art manufacturing methods for consistently high quality
  • Tear-resistant LDPE film, suitable for various requirements or applications
  • Available in different colours
  • The manufacturing process may result in slight colour variations

Extra Fast Superglue

Art. N° 08930900
For bonding metal, plastic and rubber parts with and to each other in a matter of seconds
  • The tips do not become clogged
  • Immediate further processing possible
  • Fast repairs

Allen Key Set

Art. N° 071540 100
Ball head, extra-long, in plastic holder with sliding function
  • Allen key with an angle of max. 25°
  • Plastic holder with sliding function for one-handed opening

Drill Bit Assortment 19pcs

Art. N° 062501
Cold-formed assembly drill bits for working in steel, point angle 118°.
  • Great-value HSS twist drill bits for general use in steel up to 800 N/mm²
  • HSS type RN twist drill box 19 pieces

High Power Batteries

Art. N° 082711.
Battery power for energy-intensive applications
  • High capacity and long service life
  • Powerful, cost-saving
  • Highly recommended for devices with a high current requirement

Lithium Button Cell Batteries 3v

Art. N° 0827082...
Type of rechargeable battery/battery: Lithium
  • Nominal voltage: 3 V/DC
  • Low level of self-discharge