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Würth has developed a wide range of quality adhesive tapes for all situations encountered by professionals: from packaging, to insulation, connecting objects or marking on the ground. Choose from our vast selection of adhesive rolls. Polypropylene tape, canvas tape or double-sided tape, you are spoiled for choice for gluing, wrapping or insulating.

Our adhesive tapes for cardboard packaging, made of polypropylene or reinforced with glass filaments, guarantee quality closure thanks to their very good adhesiveness. To increase productivity when packaging or applying adhesive tapes, Würth has also designed a universal manual dispenser. This dispenser, easy to handle, adapts to all types of 50mm wide tape.

We also offer different kinds of double-sided adhesive rolls, for versatile or more specific applications. For fixing light elements such as baseboards, assembling decorative glass, wood, metal or even bodywork elements, the uses of double-sided adhesives are apparent in all fields.


The use of adhesive tapes is particularly effective for isolation and marking. Würth has therefore developed adhesive tapes specifically for this purpose. For electrical insulation, sealing, waterproofing and assembly in the automotive, plumbing and residential fields. Find self-amalgamating and insulating adhesive tapes with technical characteristics adapted to the situations encountered: UV resistance, non-sticky, self-extinguishing, great flexibility, different colours and thermal resistance.

Würth also offers professionals a choice of adhesive rollers specially designed for sealing and connection. As certain situations have specific sealing or assembly requirements we are keen to cover the spectrum of these needs with our range. Canvas adhesive tape, PFTE tape, aluminium tape, sealing tape; each of our products meets the expectations of professionals and is compatible with different substrates include wood, concrete, OSB panels, bodywork, PVC and more.


While individuals generally get by with conventional adhesive tapes, packaging adhesive tapes, and possibly also fabric adhesive tapes, there are a multitude of different adhesive tapes that are used by professionals in the automotive service, installation and building industries, whose properties are precisely adapted to specific applications in these fields of activity. The professional adhesive tapes that you can buy from Würth include, among others:

Masking Tape: It is not only used for painting work, but also for varnishing, dry construction and laying the floor. In addition to the special plaster masking tape, Würth also offers heat-resistant masking tape and fabric masking tape, which can be easily removed even after prolonged work.
Sealing tape: Adhesive tapes for sealing play a role in the sanitary sector and in the installation of air conditioning, in electrical installations, but also in the automotive sector and in interior fittings – we therefore offer a range of various sealing tapes.
Insulating tape: Insulating tape is not only used to strip conductors, but also to identify individual conductors - Würth offers practical insulating tape sets in typical colours.
Mounting tape: High performance mounting tape often replaces screws or nails inside. Würth offers fixing tape for decorative strips and mirrors as well as a large selection of universal double-sided fixing tape. Conventionally, assembly tape is used to seal underlays or as reinforcement tapes in dry constructions.
Packaging tape: Classic packaging tape is not only a must have in warehouses, it is also used in almost every business. Würth offers various packaging tapes and the practical packaging tape dispenser at the same time.

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