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Each universal car air conditioning kit in the Würth catalogue consists of high-quality tools, equipment and products, which are essential for carrying out careful maintenance of the air conditioning system. Every professional should know how important it is to pay attention to the air conditioning system in summer as well as winter because, in addition to ensuring comfort inside the passenger compartment, it provides greater visibility through the windshield. Aftermarket air conditioning kits are also used to purify the air to ensure the driver’s confidence in cleanliness of the interior fabrics and the air filtering system.
Würth is a qualified supplier for everything you need to correctly intervene on vehicle air conditioning systems. Our radiator testing kits are equipped with a flexible extension, which allows you to operate even in the most difficult conditions. Thanks to this practical kit, the mechanic can detect losses of coolant and any other failures, such as defective sleeves, loose clamps or radiator failure. Another universal air conditioning kit for cars we offer is specifically for leak detection in refrigeration systems, water cooling, engine oil (diesel and gasoline), transmission oil and power steering. It comes in a solid plastic case, which also includes protective and effect-enhancing goggles, to be used when working with the UV leak detection lamp.


Using Würth's universal car air conditioning kits, professionals at workshops and petrol stations can promptly intercept the problems of the air conditioning system without wasting time. For inspection and verification of vacuum and compressed air outlets (compressed air/gas pressure installations, etc.), electrical systems (insulation failures, spark formation, wiring, etc.), tire pressure losses, LPG systems, water infiltration into the vehicle, the ultrasonic leak detector is available to purchase online. A complete and high-quality assortment, this kit enables the optimal detection of leaks by way of ultrasonic waves that do not penetrate glass, rubber or metal.
The e-Shop air conditioning kit category, in addition to including quick service couplings and o-ring rings (in different sizes), also includes a complete assortment of universal valves, caps and extractor, suitable for the main brands of cars: Italian, French and German. The assortments are distinguished by the quality of the materials and by the versatile and universal use on every type of vehicle belonging to the most famous car brands currently in circulation.

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