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‎Choose your equipment for welding, soldering and brazing: Würth supports you in your professional life. It's all a question of the base metal of the workpiece, optimal temperatures, melting or fusing, and the type of work to be done. For metal stripping, a necessary step in fabrication, we recommend the use of a stripper.‎


‎In the electronics sector, the automotive industry, in aeronautics, or in plumbing, tin plating protects copper or other metal elements. It improves weldability and connectivity. Whether for the culinary tinning of your pans by depositing a layer of food-safe tin or in industrial applications, copper tinning is an essential step that improves the quality of utensils and ensures good weldability.‎

‎Soldering or welding? Whether it is aluminium, steel, copper, stainless steel, zinc, gold, iron or brass, each metal according to its base and the thickness of the parts to be assembled requires special welding methods: with or without alloy input; soft solder with tin; strong solder (welding alloy) heated to 1200° C; copper or silver; with a blowtorch; you may explore our range of torches, gas burners and all base materials and base metals to obtain very professional results.

For welding professionals, we offer products for MIG welding that uses continuous welding wires and argon type gas, or in MIG with a gas mixture inter-acting with the metal.

‎TIG welding‎‎ using tungsten electrode and plasma type inert gas. Würth provides you with all the accessories for electric arc welding processes (‎‎MMA‎‎, TIG, ‎‎MIG/MAG‎‎...). When welding with arc, the assembly of the elements of the metal parts involves a high temperature of around 3000° C, melting the different alloys while fusing them with a filler metal.

At Würth you can also find protective equipment for welding including protective gloves‎‎, welder's aprons, masks, hoods and protective screens‎‎.‎‎

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