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Operators in the electrical installation sector can find in our catalogue everything necessary for the professional laying of electrical cables, including a selection of high-quality products designed to perform complete installations at all stages of processing. Our selection of cable ties is extremely large and well stocked and includes quality references. You can find the best of cable laying equipment in our e-Shop, from wiring ducts to cable glands.
For professionals who are looking for a complete set of products we recommend an assortment of cable ties consisting of 250 pieces. The compartments are separated by size to allow the operator to easily find what they are looking for. Among the best-selling products is a self-adhesive base for fixing cable bundles on any dust- and grease-free surface, such as metal, paint, plastic, wood or paper.


Our range dedicated to accessories for laying electrical cables is comprehensive to allow professionals find everything they need from a single supplier. Our online catalogue includes not only a wide range of cable ties, but also accessories and tools useful for fixing, such as wiring clamps for tightening and cutting in a single operation with adjustment of the clamping force, clamps for cable ties, electrical cable clips and cable staples.
Among the electrical cable laying accessories on the online catalogue are products for creating an orderly and easy to recognize system, such as adhesive labels for electrical panels, conductor identification tags, and sets of markers.

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