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In the workshop, installations for connecting electrical devices are generally available in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. The situation is often different on the construction site: either the cables have not yet been laid, or the work must be carried out outdoors, where there are no junction boxes.

To do this, most professionals always have at least one cable reel in their utility. Cable reels are appreciated for their practical design: they act both as an extension and also as a distributor thanks to the multiple sockets available. You will never run out of power again!


Cable reels are not only used on construction sites, but also in maintenance, events or even mechanics ... wherever a cable extension is needed to work away from sockets. Unlike simple cable extensions, the cable reel usually has at least three connection options and therefore also serves as a distributor.

In addition, the cable does not need to be rolled up by hand, but can be rolled up using the crank and quickly prepared for transport. Thanks to its metal base that elevates it, the cable reel also has the advantage of not putting the sockets in contact with the ground unlike a simple power strip. This greatly increases the safety for its user, especially outdoors. Würth offers cable reels in different lengths and types of cables, tailored to the respective construction requirements.


Discover the main criteria to take into account to effectively choose the right product:

Type of cable: The type of cable or the diameter of the cable is decisive for approved use of the cable reel. Würth offers cable reels with different types of cables, such as H05VVV-F3G1.5 mm² cable for use in dry indoor areas or with H07RN-F5G2.5 mm² cable for difficult conditions.
Cable length: The required cable length depends on the desired application. On outdoor sites and in green spaces, a 50 m cable reel is advisable; for interior fittings and renovations, a drum with a cable length of 10 or 25 m is often sufficient.
Choice of Drum: Drums are offered in sturdy plastic or sheet steel and are typically equipped with three to four sockets.
Würth offers high-quality work equipment for all construction site work or your daily activity in your workshop. In terms of electrical equipment, also take advantage of our ranges of cable ties, trunking, wire pullers, extension cords, electrical distributors, worksite radios, etc.

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