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In mechanical and technical planning, the use of measuring instruments is quite common, especially in the drafting phases, when a design or structure’s dimensions, tolerances or limits may be determined; these tools are used again to ultimately verify the measurements after the work is finished. There are numerous types of measuring instruments, which are chosen by professionals according to the type of measurement and degree of precision desired.
The most common types of professional measuring instruments are gauges and tape measures as they are extremely functional and easy to use, as well as levels, micrometers and torque measuring tools. The important thing is to always use instruments that allow you to perform the necessary measurements, according to the required tolerances and with the relevant scale or units of measurement. Here you can find a wide range of measuring instruments: from common spirit levels to the most sophisticated infrared laser thermometer, all of them guaranteeing accurate measurement.


Measuring instruments differ according to the type of measurement to be carried out, and the maximum applicable quantity; meters of the same size can be distinguished according to the measuring range, the type of measurement and the measurement accuracy. Different tools that measure the same thing at different scales are, for example, calliper gauges, tape measures, laser distance meters and micrometers.
There are also reporting instruments that allow you to measure a value and immediately note it on the measuring tool, such as digital thermometers and marking gauges. Also important are control tools, which are not used to obtain numerical values of the measurement to be checked, but to understand if a workpiece should be used or discarded.


Choose professional equipment and shop online for calliper gauges, feeler gauges and micrometers. Comparison tools such as dial gauges allow you to check if the shape or size of the piece differs, and by how much, from a sample piece.
Discover all the precision mechanical measuring instruments and measuring tools essential for your work: gauges, spirit levels, tape measures, micrometers and torque measurement tools, as well as laser technology, electronic length measuring tools, instruments for measuring pressure, weight, temperature, humidity, electrical variables and much more. Having everything you need for your work is easy, convenient and fast: order online in just a few simple steps!

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