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A door closer is a device that automatically closes doors, most commonly working with a compass or slide arm, and precisely controlling the closing speed. This equipment therefore allows the automatic closing of the doors, all in optimal security.
Door closers are present in almost every business. They ensure the automatic closing of the doors and therefore prevent them from remaining open unintentionally.

Doors should never be left open in a factory building. There are several reasons for this:

Security: An open door is a security risk. If machines and tools are stored on your premises, the exterior doors should always be kept closed. Otherwise, there is a risk of theft.
Fire protection: Doors also play an important role in fire protection.
Energy: If the doors are left open, heat can easily escape in winter. This can lead to wasted energy and increased heating costs.
Noise: In a workshop, things can get louder from time to time. If the doors are open, other work in the building or with neighbours may be disrupted. A closed door reduces noise from room to room.


Door closers can be used on many types of doors: in toilets and bathrooms, home entrances, profiled frame doors, fire and smoke protection safety doors, and office doors.


Closing force: the choice of door closer is essentially based on the width of the door, but its weight must also be taken into account. The closing force is therefore an essential criterion in the selection of the model.
Closing speed: adjustable or fixed depending on the model. The door closes more or less quickly.
Braking on opening: slowing down of the door when opening from 70 ° to 180 ° if the door allows it.
Final motion: the end of the closing sequence is accelerated to allow the bolt to enter the slot.
Time delay: delay of closing.
This standard concerns all closing devices with cushioning. The EN 1154 standard is the only standard in Europe for door closers. It is compulsory in all private or public ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public). It is also compulsory in IGH (High Buildings).

The EN-regulation products must be classified according to the following 6-digit coding:

1st figure: Category of use (performance in relation to the opening angle).
2nd figure: Number of test cycles (grade 8 = 500,000 test cycles).
3rd digit: Mass of the doors (7 forces depending on their mass and the forces of the closing devices. If the door closer is adjustable, the minimum and maximum force must be indicated).
4th figure: Fire resistance behaviour (0 unfit, 1 suitable for fitting a fire door).
5th digit: Safety (grade 1 only).
6th digit: Corrosion resistance (0 no resistance up to 4 very high resistance).

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