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To carry out a state-of-the-art electrical installation it is necessary to prepare quality industrial sockets that are in line with currently enforced regulations to ensure the full safety of the system. The products in Würth's online catalogue are designed to be used in any environment: civil, industrial, indoor or outdoor. To successfully cope with any type of professional request, it is good to identify the industrial plug with the most suitable voltage for installation. We offer a wide and complete range that includes everything you need to intervene adequately on any type of system such as: CEE connectors, grounding contact connectors and network connectors. You can buy the industrial socket 250v 32a which belongs to the protection class IP 44. With polyamide casing and brass contact materials it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


Correctly choosing the industrial three-phase socket is a fundamental step to work only with versatile, comfortable and quality accessories, specifically designed to guarantee a high level of safety in every professional context. Each industrial single-phase plug on our online store is designed for comfortable handling, facilitating the operator during the insertion and detachment phases. Browse this section of the online shop and buy everything you need to make accurate, precise and extremely safe installations.


Industrial sockets can be purchased in several colours, an element that allows you to identify without fail the reference with the most suitable voltage for the application field. On the Würth online shop you can buy the red or blue industrial socket in a few simple steps. The first section includes the plug adapter with CEE reduction with in-line phase inverter, ideal for both indoor and outdoor and complying with IEC 60309, EN 60309 and VDE 0623 standards. While in the second, the CEE plug 250 V / 400 V with screw clamps with cable clip, gasket and anti-bending cable protection. Among the blue industrial electrical outlets is also available on our online store the IEC plug adapter with nominal voltage of 250 V / AC and nickel-plated contact surface. Those who rely on Würth as a supplier for professional equipment are sure to find from a single point of reference everything they need to carry out an impeccable, safe and high-level job.

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