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Engine sealing compound

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For mechanical professionals, Würth has developed several products relating to vehicle maintenance and repair. Here you will find several products to ensure the tightness of your mechanical systems, motors or housings. Würth mechanical seals are adhesive pastes specially designed for mechanical applications, resistant to very high temperatures, mineral oils, and coolants. Whether you are a mechanic and regularly have to do vehicle maintenance, or you specialize in the restoration of old vehicles, Würth auto sealants will are perfect for any job. They will allow you to do clean, quality work, guaranteeing your satisfaction and that of your customers.


Würth has developed these sealants to meet all the needs of the automotive mechanic: our range of products will meet all the sealing needs of the various fields of application of a vehicle: from the engine to the cylinder head gasket, oil and transmission housings, or even gearboxes. Würth sealants have been designed with quality and safety in mind.

Some of our products are formulated to increase user comfort. This is for example the case with Silijoint Plus Black formulated without methyl ethyl ketoxime, which excludes any aggressive or irritating fumes. The use of this type of engine seal for sealing automotive applications remains dangerous: it is therefore important to respect the precautions for use. Before any application of Würth joint compound, ensure that the affected surface is free of any oil or dust to ensure maximum adhesion and effectiveness of the product. Also make sure that there is no residue left from the old seal.

Choose from Würth vehicle repair and maintenance products to select the one that best meets your needs. For use in combination with strong gaskets and easy, precise processing, DP300 Joint Paste is what you need. If you are looking for a joint compound which is specially recommended for gearboxes and can be used with one hand, Würth joint face gel is ideal.

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