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Thanks to the fender washer it is possible to further expand the support surface of the head of a nut or bolt. Within the broader category of flat washers fender washers are wider, so that when closing a screw the force exerted is divided over a larger area. The result is to protect the underlying material, but also to create a more solid tightening point.


We provide our customers with fender washers in stainless steel and galvanized (zinc-plated) steel. The stainless steel washer is particularly robust and very resistant to corrosion; the same can be said of the galvanized steel washer, although they are less resistant to corrosion over time. Galvanized fender washers are used in humid environments, where the parts to be joined are not structural and do not have to withstand important loads. Stainless steel washers are used instead where durability is an essential factor. Whether it is galvanized steel or stainless steel, our products are always of high quality, available in different variations and in packages ranging from 50 pieces up to 1000 pieces, to allow the quick purchase of a much used product.


The fender washer (UNI 6593) is produced in 100/140 steel and is available in different versions to adapt to the threads of various screws available on the market today. Our fender washer range perfectly matches the needs of our customers, who require products adaptable to different situations every day. Among the various fasteners, the UNI fender washer is also called the oversized washer, as its width is much higher than the other types of washers. They are particularly used in environments exposed to corrosion, so we offer only washers in stainless steel or galvanized steel. On our online store professionals can also find a model of yellow galvanized fender washer designed for use on wood. The colour is in fact chosen specifically so that the washers can be masked with the material on which they are placed.

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