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Fire-fighting systems have become increasingly important and effective to guarantee the safety of people and buildings. In fact, these are obligations provided for by the law, which are continuously subject to change, in order to achieve ever higher safety standards. To reduce the possibility of starting a fire and to minimize its effects once in place, it is important to adopt active and passive prevention methods, which must be suitable for the type of structure or destination environment.

Active protection measures are nothing more than those devices which, in the event of a fire, take an active role in extinguishing the fire, i.e. hydrants, fire extinguishers, spinklers, smoke detectors and evacuators. The intervention, in this case, can take place with or without human action (automatic systems).

The passive protection measures, on the other hand, work to slow down the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases generated by the fire. This involves the use of non-flammable or low-combustible products, fire-resistant compartments and materials used to protect the structural elements. They do not require human intervention or to operate a system and correspond to fire barriers, ventilation systems, structures with fire resistance.



Having quality fire-fighting components available for use in buildings and living and working environments is fundamental to guaranteeing an adequate level of safety. In the Würth e-shop it is possible to find a wide range of products for structural fire protection, such as fire barrier for cables, which include fire cushions, fire barrier mineral fibre panels, flame retardant silicone and polyurethane-based fire foam, particularly useful as it allows the sealing of joints, gaps and small gaps with hot and cold fumes, slowing down the passage of heat.

In addition, it is possible to buy fire barriers for joints, fireproof sealants, intumescent tapes, sleeves for fire hoses, which act as a barrier in the crossings characterized by plastic pipes or easily attacked by flames, fireproof blankets. The online store has a supply of items for those looking for a preventive fire system, such as a gas and smoke detector, as it offers cutting-edge and highly professional solutions.



For those who work in the construction sector and are concerned with safety, Würth produces a series of high quality products and consumables for fire protection, in full compliance with current regulations. The purchase, which is allowed only to professionals with a VAT number, is easy and allows you to receive the ordered products in just 60 minutes at the nearest store or in 24 hours at a preferred address.

In this way it is possible to avoid unnecessary waste of time implementing professional and efficient interventions ensuring high levels of safety in case of fire. Discover all the fire protection solutions available in the online catalogue and choose the ones that best suit your needs.

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