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Expanding polyurethane foams are known and used for their insulating property and their thermal conductivity. They have a strong adhesion to a large number of materials (from concrete to PVC through wood and metal) and are therefore massively used for any type of application in the construction field, but also in furniture or of household appliances. PU foam is known for its excellent ability to fill gaps: it is therefore used mainly for insulation purposes, especially thermal or even acoustic.

An essential product for any construction professional, Würth has designed a range of polyurethane foams with different properties to adapt to the different situations encountered in the context of construction and development activities. All our foams insulate, caulk and fix but are also intended to be used in more specific situations.

Our PU foams are suitable for any support encountered in the construction field and adhere to concrete, PVC, metal, brick or wood. They are ideal for sealing and insulating frames (doors, windows, etc.) but also for thermally insulating partitions and around pipes and piping.

Certain polyurethane foam adhesives are designed for more specific applications, such as PURlogic Flex. The latter is particularly suitable for joints subject to expansion (wood frame, BBC, etc.). Purlogic Fast, on the other hand, has been specially developed for the wood construction sector (e.g. window frame installation).

While most expansive foams do not resist UV, this is not the case with Purlogic special tiles: this adhesive foam has been specially designed for bonding and maintaining tiles (space caulking) as well as corrugated iron, replacing the mortar. It is therefore particularly resistant to climatic conditions.



For your insulation or bonding work, Würth polyurethane foam adhesives have been designed for simple use, a perfect finish and very high resistance. For more efficiency, be sure to follow the instructions for use on the product. You can also consult our illustration diagrams on the product sheets.

Make sure the work surface is clean, dry and degreased. Single-component foam only hardens on contact with moisture, unlike two-component foam (especially used in particularly humid places). Cured foam can only be removed mechanically, while uncured foam can be removed using acetone or a suitable product. To finalize your work, it is quite possible to sand and paint the hardened foam.

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