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It is an employer's obligation to provide eye protection in the workplace. Safety goggles are extremely important as this form of PPE can greatly reduce the effect of associated hazards.

Work goggles must comply with all safety standards required by law. Professional goggles distributed by the best suppliers must be safe, through both their lenses and mounts.

Safety goggles must also be worn by those who use normal prescription lenses, because these alone are not enough to protect against any dangers.


We carry various types of goggles, such as Andromeda and Castor. Each type of work requires a certain type of eye protection, including goggles.

For example, some varieties of eye protection distinguish between mechanical hazards, such as the presence of dust or splinters, or optical hazards like by ultraviolet rays or laser technology. Then there are chemical hazards, for which specific PPE glasses are available, to protect against acidic vapours and alkaline solutions. There are also protective glasses for work against thermal hazards or particular dangers, for example X-rays.


Dust and anti-splash goggles can be distinguished into dust protective glasses and anti-splash protective glasses.

They serve respectively to protect against dust suspended in the air or from flying debris or when dealing with risks of splashing.

The best types of goggles can be determined by evaluating the potential dangers to which you may be exposed during work.

Dust protective glasses, in particular, should be worn when exposed to debris that expands at high speed and dust particles suspended in the air.

Our full vision goggles are spacious and well-ventilated to allow unobstructed vision throughout the work day, even when worn in addition to prescription eye glasses. With fully adjustable straps and harnesses, Würth full vision goggles continuously offer a high degree of comfort.

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