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Today more than ever, disinfectant hand sanitising gels are useful within your company, but also during work or meetings outside with customers and suppliers. We offer different types of sanitising hand gel so that everyone can find the format and type they prefer. On our online store you can also find in a 5L canister, as well as in 500ml bottles or in a 100ml spray version. In this way it is easier to modulate the use of hand sanitiser, make it available to employees and visitors, and offer each individual the most suitable sanitiser. In addition to their disinfectant qualities, some sanitising gels also offers light moisturizing properties.


Some of the characteristics that hand sanitisers must have are related to current laws. These prescribe that the hand sanitising gel acts as an antibacterial; in addition, a good sanitising hand gel must also be effective against viruses, yeasts and fungi. We offer our hand sanitisers in different fragrances and types, even without any type of perfume or colour, to be able to exploit it in any specific situation. The antibacterial hand gel, such as the multi hand sanitizer gel, is alcohol-based, acts quickly and does not leave residue. This, together with a slight moisturizing activity, allows a regular and constant use over time. Offering an excellent antibacterial and antiviral action and leaving the hands fresh and soft. We are talking about hand sanitizing gel with alcohol, a product that everyone now has the habit of using daily. The high alcohol content is the active ingredient that guarantees the wide spectrum of action of these products against pathogenic microorganisms.


Since the uses of the disinfected hands gel are wide and varied, the professional can find various sizes. The 5-liter sanitizing gel canister is the largest size we provide; for single use we also offer hand sanitizing gel in a 500 ml bottle, or in practical 100 ml spray, to always keep with you for daily use. The packs of 50 ml hand sanitizing gel can also be purchased in boxes of 12, in order to make replenishment faster. The 500 ml hand sanitizing gel is instead designed for use in the company, both for employees and for any visitors. On our e-Shop’s Disinfectants page there are also products designed for sanitizing surfaces.

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