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For the purchase of electrical insulation material and insulating equipment for professionals you will find a selection with almost one hundred different articles dedicated exclusively to shrink technology, including sheaths, cable bundling and specific assortments for shrink sleeves. You can buy online from our e-Shop tool cases with an assortment of thin heat shrink sleeves, with 130 pieces and 2:1 shrinkage ratio. You can also find a practical ORSY® 10 unwinding system for thin-walled shrink sleeves.


The e-Shop category of heat shrink sheaths and rolls of heat shrink sheaths includes many products, useful for any type of professional work. Among the insulating sheaths we find both the woven insulating sheath for cable and the PVC sheath. The first can be safely cold cut and does not produce fraying. Its strength lies in the ease of application and processing: it does not require any special tools. PVC insulation hose has excellent resistance to UV rays, ozone, hydrolysis and microbes.
The heat shrinkable sheaths are presented in various sizes and in particular the PVC insulating sheath ranges from a minimum internal diameter of 3 mm up to a maximum of 22 mm and the wall thickness ranges from 0.4 mm up to 1.2 mm. This type of sheath is self-extinguishing in accordance with UL94 V2 and flame retardant. Useful for a protected installation, grouping and isolation of components, wires and cables.

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