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Microfibre cloth

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A microfiber is a very fine filament composed of various synthetic materials, the most widely used being polyester (PET), polyamide (nylon), polypropylene and high density polyethylene.

Polyester provides the dust-removing and degreasing effect, while polyamide provides absorbency. Typically, a microfiber is 70-80% polyester and 20-30% polyamide.

There are 2 types of textiles for microfiber cloths according to their use:

disposable: one component product based on polypropylene or polyethylene,
durable: mixture of fibres (polyamide, polyester or others).


Microfiber cloths have many cleaning advantages:

Versatility: microfiber is effective regardless of the surface to be cleaned (tiles, glass, windows, screens, aluminium, PVC, wood, etc.) and is suitable for all areas of activity. It is used dry for dusting or wet for degreasing and washing.
Abrasive power: the areas to be maintained may have a rough or uneven surface finish. To remove the dirt present in between, the fibre must have the smallest possible diameter.
Capillarity: increased absorbency compared to cotton. Dirt and water are drained inside the fibre network.
Electrostatic properties: dust is attracted like a magnet.
Economical: its characteristics save time and reduce the consumption of cleaning products.
Resistance to chemicals: the synthetic fibres that make up microfibers (polyamide, polyester) are more resistant to chemical damage than natural fibres.
Mechanical resistance: high resistance to wear by their nature and construction. Microfibers withstand on average between 200 and 300 washes.

Note: never use fabric softener when washing microfiber textiles. Rinsing with water restores it to its initial characteristics.

In addition to the range of microfiber cloths, also take advantage of these ranges of products generally associated: Electric polishers, Polish for bodywork and headlights, Cleaner for car / motorcycle, Cleaner for rims, Polish for tires, polishing equipment, Sanding pad for polisher...

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