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An indispensable instrument in metrology, the micrometre is a tool for making the most precise measurements. In order to meet the requirements of professionals who do not wish to leave anything to chance for a measurement, Würth has developed a range of micrometres noted for their great reliability. In order to adopt the micrometre best suited to your needs in the field, discover without delay the references that make up this range of products for measurement.


Measuring small components is a necessary practice in many disciplines, such as in mechanics. To do this, professionals are then required to turn to instruments and tools that are much more precise than tape measures, namely: micrometres. Depending on the model, the latter can accurately measure the thickness or even the depth and length of objects of small or even very small dimensions, for example using a digital display screen.

To satisfy all users, we have ensured durability of its materials and on the ergonomics of its devices. Easy to operate, they also demonstrate great versatility which will make them all the more valuable in the eyes of professionals.

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To each professional, the requirements in terms of precision and ergonomics differ! At Würth, we are fully aware of the plurality of needs for your internal or precision micrometre, which is why we are able to offer you a variety of models that can meet the most specific requirements. Consequently, our various references can be chosen according to characteristics such as:

the minimum and maximum length measurement range of the device (unit in mm): 0-2 to 75-100,
the Vernier calibration value: 0.01 mm,
but also the measure of spindle increments: 0.5 mm.
To this, we will obviously add the question of materials and in particular those that make up the body of the micrometre.

Supplied in a plastic or wooden case for added protection, Würth micrometres are available in different versions and accessories, such as the precision micrometre or the internal micrometre.

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