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To work professionally, mechanics, bricklayers, plumbers, installers and general builders need functional, durable, safe and high-quality tools. Depending on the task at hand, it is necessary to choose the right tool, to always ensure maximum efficiency and speed of execution.
Very important are the cordless tools, which are particularly practical and easy to handle as they do not require a power outlet. Our online catalogue includes cordless drills and screwdrivers, nailers, impact drills and hammer drills, extrusion and application guns, cordless riveting machines, saws, angle grinders, and cutting tools such as sabre saws, which all help you complete your job with excellent results.
Particularly high-performance are the tools equipped with lithium batteries, which unlike traditional tools ensure greater performance life, smaller size and greater portability. On the online shop you can also buy accessories for cordless tools such as power supplies, chargers and batteries of various types, as well as tool sets that allow you to always have everything you need at hand, in a practical and convenient package.


Also important are power tools that are powered by current, ensuring high autonomy. They can be used, depending on the type, to vacuum, cut, smooth and fix. Very popular products include vacuum cleaners, carpet washers, screwdrivers, air compressors, milling machines, wood saws, pressure washers, sanders, mixers, glue guns, pumps, saws, drills and cutting power tools, including shears, tile cutters and electric knives.
In many jobs it is necessary to use pneumatic tools, i.e. driven by compressed air, such as sanders, impulse wrenches, nailers, staplers, sanders, polishers, blow guns, pumps, riveting machines, saws, grinders, drills, chisel hammers and cutting tools. These tools ensure high power and excellent performance even in harsh environments, as well as excellent ease of maintenance. To function at their best, it is essential that they are of high quality and designed for professional use, therefore suitable for frequent use and demanding situations.


Are you looking for professional work tools that can fulfil your aims? Our online selection of tools offers a wide range of products for your work: high quality battery-powered, electric and pneumatic tools that are able to last over time. There is also no shortage of generic tool accessories, such as connection cables, spindles, drill supports, chainsaw chains and practical tool assortments.
Depending on the needs it is possible to buy single products or practical cases and sets to keep always at hand, to allow you to keep the tools in an orderly manner, and save precious working time looking for them. Discover the most suitable solution for your work, explore our entire power tool catalogue online.

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