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Protective nitrile gloves are recommended when conditions require high strength and / or resistance to chemicals. Also recommended as an alternative to natural rubber latex.


Discover the many advantages of nitrile protective gloves:


Protection barrier level: Nitrile is very resistant to punctures and tears.

Robustness and durability: Nitrile is very robust and its puncture resistance is 3 times that of other glove materials.

Elasticity: The elasticity of nitrile is very good. Its memory allows the material to be adjusted by the user's hand.

Resistance to chemicals: Excellent resistance to most chemicals, and more specifically to strong solvents.



Recommended as first choice protective barrier for resistance to acids, bases, alcohols and dilute aqueous solutions of most chemicals. Except for people allergic to latex. Discover the many advantages of protective latex gloves:


Level of protective barrier: The milestone of the protective barrier has long been due to its robustness and elasticity.

Robustness and durability: The latex is very robust and durable.

Elasticity: The elasticity of latex is superior to other materials. Its memory is high, allowing the material to always return to its initial shape.

Chemical resistance: Offers good protection against most caustic and detergent products. Recommended by OSHA when handling cytotoxic products.



Recommended as an economical alternative to latex. Good value for money in applications that require frequent replacement of gloves. Discover the many advantages of protective vinyl gloves:


Protective barrier level: Vinyl breaks and punctures easily during use and the adjustment around the wrist is released.

Robustness and durability: Vinyl is the most fragile of the 3 materials.

Elasticity: The elasticity of the vinyl glove is limited and varies with each brand. Limited memory.

Resistance to chemicals: Offers very little protection. Organic solvents easily infiltrate vinyl.

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