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Are you in contact with electrical sources in the course of your job, for obvious safety reasons, you want to opt for suitable equipment? Why not trust Würth quality? Having studied the real needs of professionals and in particular the most demanding electricians, we offer you very safe models of VDE screwdrivers but no less practical and able to face the constraints of the field.
Because the electrical danger is real during the interventions of an electrician, the VDE screwdriver must be an essential product in the tools of an electrician. Whether the VDE screwdriver is a flat VDE screwdriver, a cross- headed VDE screwdriver , a VDE Pozidriv screwdriver or a VDE torx screwdriver, it remains essential to ensure safe work for any electrician. This type of screwdriver is a protection: this tool, with its specific handle and its blade of the length of your choice, is a real essential for your tools.


Whether you are an electrician or a professional dedicated to working on live parts on a regular basis, the insulated screwdriver (VDE) is essential for making all types of electrical connections on switchboards and other equipment.

• Safe and highly reliable: All Würth screwdrivers have been individually tested in accordance with IEC 60900: 2012. Wurth's VDE or insulated screwdrivers are tools, whatever their bits (flat, cruciform, Pozidriv, torx), designed to secure you,
• practical and versatile: because they are equipped with a 50% thinner insulation which allows the most inaccessible screws to be reached while ensuring the utmost safety for the professional,
• with excellent ergonomics: at Würth, you will find models with a tri-material handle that ensures a natural and pleasant grip. All the details of our screwdrivers are thought out to ensure optimal working comfort for users, without compromising the protection.


All Würth insulated screwdrivers (VDEs) have been the subject of the greatest care and have undergone tests which guarantee their quality and above all, their high reliability. The range being wide enough to meet all uses, we recommend that you select your parts according to:

• the type of their impression (slot impression, PZ1 impression, etc.),
• the thickness of the blade and the width of the blade,
• the length of the handle and the width of the handle,
• the voltage of the parts: depending on the model, this may be 1,000 Volts (AC) and 1,500 Volts (DC) maximum,
• associated standards: DIN ISO 2380-1-B, DIN ISO 2380-IA, IEC 60900: 2012.

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