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Our thread repair and reinforcement e-Shop category includes thread repair kits and over 200 products that stand out for the quality of their materials. Among the assortments dedicated to the repair of threads are the single thread repair kit and one for the restoration of TIME-SERT® threads. The first, consisting of 14 pieces, is optimal for metric threads with bushings and tools. The second is instead composed of 42 pieces and is specific for the repair of defective threads sized M6, M8 and M10. On our e-Shop you can also buy Heli-Coil thread repair system products.
Tradespeople looking for a complete spark plug thread repair assortment can choose a 75-piece thread repair kit packed in a Würth System case. TIME-SERT® thread repair kits are ideal for the perfect restoration and reinforcement of steel threads, light metals, non-ferrous base metals, molten metals and hard plastics. The application of pressure on the workpiece makes the thread sealed by pressure and therefore impermeable to water, oil, other compressed liquids and gases.


Thread repair kits found on our e-Shop are suited to professionals who intend to work with top quality tools and components. Our range dedicated to thread repair kits includes the TIME-SERT® thread repair assortment with sealing ring bushings with flat seat and processing tools. This kit brings considerable advantages when restoring the thread in the lambda probe, for example.
The use of threaded spark plug bushings eliminates the need to replace catalytic converters or exhaust manifolds. The bushing also has a collar that guarantees the exact positioning, ensuring repaired threads are equivalent to the original ones. Finally, the shape of the inserted thread makes the TIME-SERT® bushings self-locking and prevents their removal.

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