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Chemical additives are essential to always guarantee excellent performance by vehicles powered by petrol, diesel or LPG. These substances are in fact specifically designed to improve performance and extend the life of the motors, reducing the various maintenance operations.

When we talk about chemical additives, however, we must make a distinction: there are in fact specific products for the engine but also substances for cleaning the diesel intake ducts, as well as cleaners for throttle bodies, even in comfortable sprays.

For gas-powered vehicles, the additive for LPG is particularly useful because it allows improved engine performance while lubricating all components such as injectors, pressure reducers, valves, rubbers and gaskets. Among the additives for lpg we also find in the catalogue the concentrate in 50 capsules, ideal for optimizing the functioning of the fuel system.

For diesel powered vehicles, we can recommend the suction duct cleaner, to remove all deposits in the area without the need to remove every single component. In winter, the importance of an antifreeze product must also be remembered, also available for solar systems and present in the Würth catalogue.



A good engine cleaner is essential for removing impurities and deposits in the intake duct and in the throttle valve area without having to disassemble any components. An engine cleaner can also be useful for safely and easily washing the nozzles, the calibrated holes and the catalytic converters.

You can also find an excellent detergent for ultrasonic cleaners, to be used in combination with this specific instrumentation for washing all types of injectors on the market. Having a good quality cleaner available is always fundamental not only to ensure adequate maintenance of the vehicle and all its components but also to solve problems related to malfunctions.

In fact, an engine cleaner is very useful in the event of faults affecting the throttle valves or the carburettor, which may not work properly due to dirt and accumulated residues.



In order to add chemical additives and fuel to the tank, it is very important to have a funnel for petrol or diesel as required. We are talking about two different types, so it is good to always pay attention to the model and colour: the red one indicates the adapter for the diesel tank while the green one indicates the version designed for petrol. In the Würth eshop you can find different types of tank adapters for your specific needs.

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