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Our online product catalogue includes a selection of detergents and cleaning chemicals for professional use that can be used in numerous application areas and situations. For the maintenance of air conditioners, the appropriate vacuum pump oil is available for the vacuum pump of air conditioning units.
A silicone-free contact spray, cleaner and deoxidizer is also available that effectively removes the patina of oxides, sulfides, resin and dirty oil, with a versatile range of applications. The cleaning chemicals section also includes throttle body cleaner, formulated for highly active cleansing, for 2 and 4-stroke engines. Professionals have the possibility to clean the areas that are difficult to reach without disassembling components.


In the online maintenance chemicals catalogue there are essential products for mechanical workshops, specifically for cleaning and for the proper functioning of vehicle air conditioners. Among the best-selling products is the cleaner for air conditioners, the Premium UV leak detector additive that allows you to locate leaks in air conditioning systems in compliance with the SAE J2297 standard, and the ready-to-use and biodegradable ultrasonic cleaner (over 95%).
Another highly requested product is the leak stopper additive for air conditioning systems (compatible with PAG oil), useful for preventive sealing purposes and to reduce the mechanical wear of the compressor, in turn reducing noise. The use of this chemical product guarantees a longer life of the compressor, improving its performance. For those who want to always have the necessary at hand, a practical kit is available containing everything you need to eliminate unpleasant odours present inside the vehicle.

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