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For all professionals in the building sector, Würth offers its range of protective films and tarpaulins in order to carry out your works in all cleanliness.

Building professionals are subject to the constraints of cleanliness and surface preservation linked to the need for visual quality, this product is therefore essential in daily tasks to counter the various attacks caused during your work on site (scratches, dirt, dust, different brands, etc.).

These protective films and tarpaulins provide a protective screen, they are flexible and smooth, making them easier to put in place. Thanks to their increased flexibility / elasticity, they are more resistant to tearing and thus provide optimum protection.

They are used to cover large areas of floors, walls, components and different types of installations that must be protected from humidity, dust, paint, scratches, etc., during renovation work. and painting. For indoor and outdoor use.


To choose your protective film or tarpaulin, you have to pay attention to the dimensions you want, the thickness, the weight, the material, the use you want to make of it, the level of tightness, the number eyelets, temperature resistance, etc.

After carefully selecting your protective film or tarpaulin, remove the packaging from the roll. Then unwind the film manually to obtain the required length. Once the required length is obtained, cut the film with a knife or pair of scissors. Usually, protective films are designed for one-time use. Depending on the degree of soiling, they can be used several times. As for the tarp, you just have to unfold it, then it can be extended.

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