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Electrode manual welding inverter ESI 160

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Electrode manual welding inverter ESI 160

Digitally controlled electrode welding inverter. Your starter device for all e-hand applications

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Welding of all electrodes possible

MicorBoost technology facilitates the welding of all electrodes, including cellulose. Simple switching to electrode types.


80 cm drop safety (in line with standard, min. 25 cm)


Can be switched to TIG welding with ContacTIG ignition

Smooth and uniform arc

Arc force regulation

No sticking of electrodes

Anti-stick system

Outstanding ignition

Hot start


Power supply (230 V) or generator - optimal welding properties, including with long wires or in the case of mains voltage fluctuations.

Light and compact

5.1 kg at 150 A (30% switch-on time)

Optimal for assembly application

IP23 and S sign

  • Arc force: Increases the arc voltage in critical situations. Prevents slag from running into the molten bath and extinguishing the arc. As a result, even difficult-to-weld electrodes can be processed.

  • Hot Start: Ensures reliable ignition of the electrode. The hot start energy is automatically adjusted to the selected welding current.

  • Anti-stick: Prevents the electrode from sticking to the work piece by automatically reducing the current. As a result, the electrode does not glow out and evaporation of alloy elements is prevented.

Spare part documentation in accordance with (EU) 2019/1784 – Requirements for the ecological design of welding systems. The relevant documentation is stored in the Würth Parts Manager (https://pm.wuerth.com/index.php). For further questions, please contact the appropriate sales representative or product and application.

Marking: CE, S