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Double-sided adhesive tape is an immediate fastening solution that is increasingly being used by professionals from many different industries. Double-sided adhesive tape is a practical fixing solution that guarantees excellent results, even for heavy loads. The double-sided adhesive tapes that can be purchased on the Würth store are made of quality and resistant materials, perfect for a long-lasting fastening. Each extra strong double-sided adhesive tape can be used on different materials such as glass, wood, steel, aluminum and plastics. In particular, the super strong double-sided adhesive tape finds application field for fixing supports and hooks, ducts, decorative strips and advertising signs.

The extra strong double-sided adhesive tape 3M is suitable for quick and safe fixing interventions, both inside and outside. This super strong adhesive tape is able to replace mechanical joints (rivets, welding seams, screws) or liquid adhesives, eliminating the need to drill holes, sanding, after-processing, screwing, welding and cleaning. In addition to the extra strong 3M double-sided adhesive tape, the professional can also buy the transparent 3M double-sided adhesive tape, with a high and long-lasting adhesive force. The 3M transparent double-sided adhesive tape is perfect for creating invisible assemblies without seeing annoying holes, screws or rivets.

In addition to the thin and very thin 3M strong double-sided adhesive tape, the professional can also buy super powerful adhesive and double-sided adhesive tape on our store, such as special fixing tape. This super powerful double-sided adhesive tape ensures excellent grip even on rough surfaces. Also suitable for difficult bonding situations (for example PVC, fabric and carpet, metal on wood, metal on metal, concrete on wood), it is a more powerful double-sided adhesive tape compared to other products because it adapts very well to even irregular surfaces.

Professionals can find in our e-Shop both the double-sided adhesive tape for high temperatures, which can be applied both near heat sources and in places with extremely cold temperatures and the 3M spongy double-sided adhesive tape.

The complete Würth range of double-sided tapes also includes the canvas double-sided adhesive tape,the thick double-sided adhesive tape, the 3M thick 3mm double-sided adhesive tape, the rubberized double-sided adhesive tape, the 3M double-sided adhesive roll, the heat-resistant double-sided adhesive tape and the removable double-sided adhesive tape. The range dedicated to professional double-sided adhesive tape includes quality references that meet the demands of all professionals: structural and tear-off double-sided adhesive tape, foam and wide double-sided adhesive tape, industrial and waterproof double-sided adhesive tapes.


Double-sided adhesive tape is perfect for many applications and can be used on different materials and surfaces. Strong double-sided adhesive tape for the wall ensures excellent tightness without damaging the surface. Simple to apply, the double-sided wall sticker is also immediate to cut. Professionals also find on the store the 3M double-sided adhesive for cars, the double-sided adhesive for moldings, for bodywork and for car glass. The 3M strong double-sided adhesive tape for Transfix bodywork has high adhesive properties and is used to re-glue emblems and coats of arms on vehicles. This 3M double-sided adhesive tape for bodywork is resistant up to + 180 °C. Among the references there are also those dedicated to special applications, such as thermal double-sided adhesive tape for fabrics, transparent double-sided adhesive tape for fabrics and double-sided adhesive tape for fabric. Double-sided carpet tape resists aging and is ideal for fixing even linoleum and mats.

In addition to carpet adhesive, professionals can also buy transparent double-sided adhesive for glass, double-sided adhesive for wood, double-sided adhesive tape for wood, strong double-sided adhesive for outdoors (or outdoor double-sided adhesive), double-sided adhesive for carpets and double-sided adhesive for plastic. The range is completed by double-sided adhesive tape for tiles and floors and double-sided adhesive tape for furniture.

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