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Our catalogue includes a complete selection of abrasive products and abrasive materials to perform high-precision professional work. The range of accessories for abrasives includes more than one hundred articles, useful for precise and accurate interventions on any surface, in any situation. Among our accessories are a series of supports and backing pads for lamellar discs, abrasive discs or for smaller abrasives.
Our numerous abrasive products meet every professional need and are suitable for different fields of application. Ideal for individual stages of material processing and different uses, roll abrasives are available in various sizes.
Among the most purchased products, in addition to abrasive sanding belts are abrasive sponges, abrasive cloth rolls and dry abrasive paper rolls for the pre-sanding of hard or soft wood and MDF panels, as well as very fine nylon abrasive pads for cleaning, degreasing and roughening.


All abrasive discs for polishers are made of quality materials so as not to damage the surface on which you work. Each product is designed to intervene on specific surfaces and to facilitate and speed up the operator's work. For example, corundum-zirconium reed abrasive discs are suitable for professional interventions on stainless steel, as well as zirconium lamellar discs, which can be used not only on stainless steel and steel, but also on aluminium and non-ferrous metals.
Abrasive discs for polishers are available in two series, the "standard" and the "top". The standard series includes the zirconium abrasive disc with a depressed centre support in fiberglass, ideal for smoothing welding points and seams, for deburring, chamfering and for removing rust or slag. Comparatively, the "top" series is part of the corundum reed abrasive disc in glass fabric with grain 40, 60 and 80.

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