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Insulating tape, electric

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An essential accessory for any electrical installation or repair work, the electrical insulating tape must be reliable and solid in order to accompany professional electricians in all working environments. Available in different versions, different dimensions and colors, our electrical tapes stand out for their robustness and all-round practicality.


The insulating properties of electrical tapes make them essential in many different fields such as:

industrial maintenance

automotive service

construction and building fitouts

Our electrical tapes can be used to protect fragile and conductive elements, to maintain the integrity of electrical cables, to protect them from high temperatures or simply to identify the wires thanks to their varied colors. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, they offer safe protection and can accompany professionals in many different applications.


Easy to use, the insulating tapes on our e-Shop meet different professionals' many requirements. To choose an appropriate tape, in addition to their dimensions and colors, three main characteristics must be observed:

The Adhesive Used

There are different types of adhesives for an electric insulating tape. Professionals can find rolls made of glass fabric, renowned for their high strength or Kapton polyimide, appreciated for their great flexibility.

At Würth, we offer quality PVC adhesive tapes. Very commonly used, these are the most practical and versatile. Available in different colors, this type of insulating tape will be particularly suitable for the work of marking cables.

Temperature Resistance

Resistance to temperature is crucial as to determine the longevity of the insulating tape and therefore, the electrical installation carried out. Different temperature classes have been standardized to help professionals in their choices. Among the Würth references, you will find rolls of tape with a thermal resistance between 0 and 90 °C: you will then be sure that the insulating tape of your choice will withstand the temperatures it will undergo.

Dielectric force

Also crucial, the dielectric or insulating strength of an electrical tape corresponds to its ability to withstand electric fields while maintaining its insulating performance. You will find in this selection models whose dielectric resistance can go up to 9 kVA.

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