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Essential accessory for any assembly, the nut comes in different forms. Würth provides you with a wide range of quality nuts for all your fastening work on all types of materials (steel, metal, wood, etc.).


Often used with a washer, the nut receives a threaded rod and allows two parts to be assembled together. For reliable and durable installations, Würth offers nuts in steel, stainless steel, nylon or other high-quality material to meet all your professional requirements.
The stainless steel coating will be preferred for external fixing given its high resistance to weathering. Different classes of nuts exist: they are higher or lower depending on the strength of the material. Taking this measurement into account, a suitable nut can be chosen for the desired use.


Hardly any other tool in the trade is as important as nuts. They are part of a screw connection and ensure that the attached screw does not come off. This can easily happen due to various outside influences such as weather conditions. As nuts are so often required, quality and finish are crucial.


They differ mainly in their shapes, diameters and fields of application. Here are some common families:

• The hex nuts are the most common nuts. They are used in most areas and are secured and loosened with a standard hex key.
• The wing nuts are used without tools. They can be grabbed on the fenders and put in place by hand. This is particularly useful if the nut needs to be loosened more often. Compared to fixing with a tool, the wing nut is less tight on the screw.
• The acorn nut has a ball-shaped curve that closes the nut on one side. This prevents the bolt from sticking out of the nut. The risk of injury is minimized at the sharp edges of the screws. In addition, the acorn nut is visually different from other models.
• The claw nuts are not screwed in, but driven in with a hammer. This method is particularly useful for woodworking. In furniture, hinges, handles or table legs are attached in this way.
• The brittle nuts are safety nuts. They can only be removed by authorized persons. Due to the predetermined breaking point, the lower part of the nut is left behind in the event of an unconscious attempt to loosen. Only a professional with the right tool can work on it.


Depending on the embodiment, the type of nut differs. In addition to the traditional hexagon nuts, Würth offers a wide selection of nuts. For an interesting aesthetic result, use acorn nuts that hide the thread of the screw. Wing nuts, also known as wing nuts, are hand tightening nuts while cylindrical ones are mostly used for mechanical tightening.
For quick tightening work, opt for knurled nuts. For fasteners which require great resistance, the castle nut or the square nuts are preferable. These can be used to make cage nuts. The cage nut is inaccessible after assembly. The flange nut is provided with a collar which allows a larger contact surface. Each type of nut is intended for a particular use.

Choose the nut that meets your requirements and complete your equipment by consulting other Würth screws and bolts products. The mixed fixing box makes it possible in particular to have screws, washers and nuts available in a very practical storage box.

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