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Ratchet straps are essential to secure goods and cargo during transport and handling phases. All professional ratchet straps and accessories for load safety on our e-Shop comply with applicable regulations. Each ratchet strap on the store consists only of top quality materials, synonymous with safety not only during fixing operations but also during transport.

Our ratchet straps are designed for all transport needs, from light to very heavy loads. Professionals are certain to find the perfect product to buy through our website such as ratchet tensioners for lighter loads that allow you to easily anchor goods even in combination with bars and load-stop poles. Among the best-selling belt ratchets is the TÜV-certified hook ratchet belt suited for anchoring and safe locking.


The straps, bands and ratchet belts on our store have various uses and meet the specific needs of professionals. Among our best-selling products are ratchet tie straps for trucks, thanks to which it is possible to fix the load firmly, without causing damage to the goods. Perfect for a safe anchorage of heavy loads is for example the heavy duty ratchet tensioner with hook and with a secure fit that meets the EN 12195-2 standard. Professional ratchet straps such as motorcycle ratchet straps and car ratchet straps are also available online.


Ratchet tie-down straps are essential for any transport or handling activity. They are therefore ideal for all professionals performing these activities, including transporters, convenience stores, farmers, movers, and more.

Würth tie-down straps are robust and high-quality, guaranteeing stability and safety when securing loads. Our ratchet straps or conventional clamping straps are developed according to compliance with the standards in force to guarantee you all the necessary safety during your transport and handling activities.

The LC (Lashing Capacity / maximum operating force) or mooring capacity indicates the maximum force used in direct tension is indicated on all straps.

To choose your ratchet tie-down strap several criteria are to be taken into account: the necessary mooring capacity, the way you want to use it (type of transport, method of use) and of course the nature of the load to be carried (weight, shape, size).

Our products guarantee you identification and traceability, and are very resistant to elongation thanks to a polyester formulation. This manufacture also allows better protection against UV and water resistance.


Our tie-down straps are designed to guarantee you the maximum safety during transport and handling of loads. However, for safe use, there are certain points to be respected. Remember to check the quality of your strap if you have already used it before: be attentive to any snag, cut or wear.

Take into account the load capacity and lifting angles, and make sure it is stable before releasing the goods. To maintain the quality of your strap in the long term, do not pull the tie-down strap when it is taken under a load and do not knot it. These practices could deteriorate the LC. Finally, use protective gloves to handle tie-down straps safely.

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