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TIG welding system 180DC

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TIG welding system 180DC

The compact professional device, extremely easy to control and preset welding parameters facilitate your professional introduction into TIG welding.

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Contact and high-frequency ignition

Touch-free HF ignition possible via push button, switchable to conventional contact ignition


Switchable to electrode welding

Optimal oxidation protection

Tungsten electrode and seam are optimally protected against oxidation thanks to automatic gas management.

Energy efficient

Fan standby function, modern performance electronics

Job memory

Two welding jobs per electrode and TIG can be stored.

Protection against dirt and moisture

Special coating of PCB

Light and compact

6.5 kg at 180 A (30% ED)

Optimal for assembly application

IP23 and S sign


80 cm drop safety (min. 25 cm according to standard)

Proof of Performance

Marking: CE, S

  • Arc force: Increases the arc voltage in critical situations. Prevents slag from running into the molten bath and extinguishing the arc. As a result, even difficult-to-weld electrodes can be processed.

  • Hot Start: Ensures reliable ignition of the electrode. The hot start energy is automatically adjusted to the selected welding current.

  • Anti-stick: Prevents the electrode from sticking to the work piece by automatically reducing the current. As a result, the electrode does not glow out and evaporation of alloy elements is prevented.

Spare part documentation in accordance with (EU) 2019/1784 – Requirements for the ecological design of welding systems. The relevant documentation is stored in the Würth Parts Manager (https://pm.wuerth.com/index.php). For further questions, please contact the appropriate sales representative or product and application.

Standard value for current rating and gas quantity
Tungsten electrode dia.Current rating [A] ampsGas volume [l/min]

Marking: CE, S