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In the professional field it is often necessary to have a universal cleaner that is able to clean residues of various kinds. On our online store we feature a wide range of universal cleaning products, so that the individual professional can find the quality product that best suits his needs. A universal cleaner can still be prepared with different ingredients so that it can be used depending on the residues and dirt to be removed. The universal liquid green cleaner is based on anionic surfactants and is particularly recommended to dissolve fat and resin. For those who need completely environmentally friendly products we also offer the eco line universal detergent, with the European Ecolabel recognition, which guarantees compatibility with the environment.


It is not always necessary to employ an aggressive universal cleaner, which is able to remove greasy or very stubborn dirt. For this reason we offer a universal spray cleaner formulated for cleaning and treating smooth and painted surfaces, as well as delicate plastic materials. It also has an antistatic effect and protects materials from scratches and the deposition of dust and impurities. It is advised to spray a good dose of universal spray detergent on the surface to be cleaned, and then let it act for a short time, allowing you to remove dust, but also grease tar and surface rust, as well as reduce the presence of streaks on surfaces with dark paint. As with any other universal cleaner, it is always important to check on the packaging any exclusions or materials on which it is advisable to use with some care. It is not recommended to use the spray universal cleaner on surfaces that are warm or that are exposed to direct sunlight.


We also offer some multipurpose cleaners in large quantities. Thanks to our products it is in fact possible to remove dirt and residues from various materials and of various kinds. This allows you to have a single multipurpose cleaner available for a wide range of applications. Explore our chemical and technical products category to find other types of special cleaners and detergents suitable for use with specific types of residues. In any case, a classic multipurpose detergent allows you to remove grease and grease from metal surfaces, as well as residues of various kinds from hard surfaces in construction, such as from tiles, marble or clinker.

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