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‎Make Würth your supplier for ‎‎electrical components‎‎ for the ‎‎automotive‎‎ sector! Our catalogue provides professionals with all the necessary parts and tools to ensure maximum performance of the cars you work on, as well as compatibility with the most popular brands. Our e-Shop features a wide selection of headlamp bulbs, from bulbs with glass connections, festoon bulbs, to vehicle position light and headlights ‎‎including lightbulbs for trucks‎‎.‎
We also offer practical bulb sets to always be at the disposal of automotive professionals, including an assortment of bulbs for cars, vans and motorcycles.‎


‎All the essential electrical components and ‎‎spare parts for cars‎ are available through our online shop. In addition to headlamp bulbs for cars and trucks, there is also cables for vehicles including ‎‎spiral cables‎‎, solder connectors and electric batteries with related accessories, as well as tools, pliers and clamps for mounting.‎
‎The ‎‎electrical spare parts section for cars‎‎ includes uninsulated cable connector ends, ‎‎insulated wires for vehicles‎‎, crimp connectors and vehicle fuses. There are also practical tool kits that include different assortments of cable ends, each of which is compatible with various styles of cars, for example for utility vehicles.‎

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