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Lithium grease is a dense and compact multipurpose lubricant employed by professionals in various mechanical fields. There are different types of lithium grease, whose variable qualities include composition and colours.


Lithium grease is used in a wide range of fields; in fact, we offer lubricants formulated for both daily use and in extreme conditions. On our online store, professionals can find lithium grease for motorcycle chains, as well as lithium grease for bearings or grease for commercial vehicle rails. Some products are instead referred to as multipurpose oil, where the composition allows its use in different situations. In all cases our lubricants withstand high and low temperatures, the presence of moisture, rust and corrosion; it is up to professionals to choose the most suitable lithium grease for their intended use. Often in mechanical workshops, motor vehicle repair centres and also in the agricultural field, a professional needs different types of lithium grease, with formulations that differ slightly. For lithium grease very specific areas of use are indicated directly on the package, as is the case for marine multipurpose grease, particularly viscous and resistant to moisture.


This type of lubricant is exploited in many different situations. We provide the professional with multipurpose grease in small and large formats, to respond precisely to his needs. We offer our customers 400g lithium grease cartridges, as well as 10, 18 or 25 kg lithium grease buckets. In this way we are able to respond to the most disparate needs of workers in different areas.


The colour of the professional lithium grease is an important feature, to prevent the lubricating grease from grinding surfaces or being particularly visible once applied. Not only that, the colour also differs according to the type of lithium grease you are using, allowing you to easily distinguish the lubricants available on our online store. The multipurpose grease for construction / agriculture that you can buy on this page is for example a strong blue colour, while our multipurpose grease specific for bearings is yellow. In multipurpose grease, different colours can also be available for products with substantially identical formulation and type of use. Some paste lubricants can also be colourless.

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